SL Intro AG was founded in 2009 as an investment firm working independently from banks, brokers and securities dealers. SL Intro AG offers information and services related to professional product design with transparency, creativity, competence and commitment.

The company was formed many years of successful collaboration between its founders and their global network of specialists from all financial sectors who maintain contact with renowned participants on the markets.

SL Intro AG is your investment partner, whether we handle the design, allocation, risk management or structuring of your product. SL Intro AG engages leading banks, securities dealers and investment companies to implement and monitor compliance with financial regulations.
We are now making our extensive knowledge and experience on the markets available to institutional investors with access to exclusive, up-to-date investment ideas with more added value than ever seen before!

We advise and assist institutional investors in all sectors, including

  • banks
  • pension funds
  • pension plans
  • foundations
  • funds
  • independent asset managers

SL Intro AG specializes in identifying, structuring and placing investment ideas and niche products for institutional investors.

Our global network includes specialists in the following services:

  • structuring and placement of bonds, real estate and corporate bonds;
  • structuring of certificates with ideas from proven specialists in various fields;
  • structuring of UCITS IV funds and their placement;
  • structuring and placement of private placements;
  • consultancy and implementation of asset allocation and investment concepts.

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